About us

The company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and extended to the company Engineering Engineering for motors and electronics and looking forward to all of the latest was established Grand Gate for doors and gates, electronic and automatic to become subject to the provisions of the law and the Executive Regulations (LLC). Grand Jet has extensive experience in the field of motors and electromechanical works in the manufacture and continuous development of our products. The Engineering Development and Design Department has developed the products in strict accordance with international standards and standards in industry, innovation and development. The Marketing Department has supported our products by applying its plan to target the local market of customers (individuals – companies) through special offers prepared for them. The company also seeks to provide the best services and raw materials to its customers with the highest quality and best prices in manufacturing, supply, maintenance and after-sale service through the time frame agreed upon in accordance with the contract concluded with our customers. The company has an integrated team of professional engineers and trained managers at the highest level in our field. Due to the confidence of the customers in what we do to respond quickly and flexibly to satisfy their customers from providing alternatives and constant readiness did not ask customers.