Roller Shutter

Grand gate roller shutter doors is made with elegant design and raw materials at the highest level of safety and non-permeable protection.

*Suitable for large shops – stores – factories – garages – banks – malls.

Technical Specifications

  • Made of hot galvanized steel Thickness ranging from .07 mm – .08 mm -1 mm.
  • Electrostatic thermal coating with the required color.
  • Production motors (German – French) equipped with manual operation when power outages.
  • Operating options :

(Automatic – Remote Control – Compressor Button – switch key – Light Cells)

  • There is a rubber barrier under the door to prevent the entry of dust and insects.
  • There is a rubber barrier on both sides of the door to prevent friction with the steel bar.
  • cover box on the top of the door

Sliding Gate

  • Design, manufacture and installation of sliding gates and hinges for factory entrances – villas and palaces of different sizes.
  • Grand gate selects the appropriate engines according to the location requirement for each gate of width – height – weight (German engine – Italian – French).
  • Photovoltaic cells allow the gate to bounce when anybody passes.
  • Automatic operation (remote control – pushbutton).

Emergency Doors Fire And Non Fire

  • Hinged doors which is made by grand gate is Fireproof or non-fire resistant and soundproof Isolated with rock-wool , foam, or electrostatic greased polyurethane
  • It is suitable for hard use because it is made of galvanized sheet with thickness of 1.5 mm single or double (fixed or movable).
  • Accessories (German, Italian, Chinese).

Panic par – door closer – Hinges- Acorn – Colon – Fingerprint – Glass Window.

Dock Leveller

Preparing the loading dock of factories and warehouses with an automatic way for easy loading and unloading of goods to and from the trailers to suit the various loadings of the trailers.

  • Loading dock made by grand gate is inside Concrete berth up to 10 tons.
  • The loading dock works outside the concrete platform, loads up to 5 tons without architectural equipment on the pavement, and works on all types of cars.(Italian hydraulic system 380V)

Dock shelter

Grand gate manufactures with highest Quality the dock shelter of factories and warehouses for easy shipping and unloading to and from the trailers and isolate the loading area from the outside air and prevent the entry of dust and insects and the provisions of closure on the trailer.

Traffic Barrier

Traffic barriers

Automatic gates made for cars parking, administrative buildings and entrance of residential compounds.

  • Made in (Germany – Italy – France).
  • Suitable for all Weather conditions. (Heat& cold).

Operating options:

(Card reader – push button – RFID sticker – remote control).

Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • The motor has the ability to work on only one knocker Up to 110 kg and double knocker up to 70 kg.
  • Suitable for entrance of ( Banks – malls – hyper markets – administrative buildings – Car Agencies )
  • Effective and easy to slide, designed to works in all environmental and Weather conditions with highest efficiency and with unlimited number of opening and closing times.
  • Supports great energy saving with regard to air conditioning.
  • Able to operate manually when power is off.

Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage Doors

 Sectional doors fit the garages and add to your villa or your palace beauty and luxury.

 Technical Specifications

  • Available in 40 mm thickness, made of two layers of galvanized steel with a layer of heat-insulated polyurethane
  • Thermal coating available in different sizes up to 6 meters width. Height 2.5 meters.
  • Photovoltaic cells allow the door to be rebound directly when a body passes a rubber barrier under the door to prevent entry of soil and insects
  • Country of Origin: Netherlands – German Motor (Remote Control – push button).